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Website design trends in 2022

Website design trends in 2022

In the competitive digital landscape, web designers must learn to adapt and utilize new trends and features to stay relevant. That’s why we’ve gathered some trends we’ve already noticed emerging in 2022, as well as timeless tips every web designer should know.

One-page websites. Simple website design has a variety of benefits, varying from faster loading times to usability. That’s what makes one-page websites thrive. Additionally, by putting all the information in one place, users simply scroll instead of opening multiple tabs and cycling through pages to find what they came for.

Website accessibility. 2020 saw the emergence of neomorphism, a design style that uses low-contrast, toned-down colors. Designers quickly realized, however, that this created a less accessible site for people with visual impairments.

Large typography. Bigger and bolder text on your homepage can leave a lasting impression on your audience. On our ADDY Award-winning website for Mississippi River Country, we used bold colors and eye-catching fonts to entice visitors to further explore the site.

While no one can predict the future of design, some elements will always be in style: accessibility, ease of use, and overall user experience. As long as your website starts with those principles, you’re on your way to success!