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Wisconsin Travel Best Bets

CASE STUDY: Brand Development | Digital Marketing | Content Creation
Spirit Lake Oneida County

Project Overview

Many of our clients benefit from their participation in Wisconsin Travel Best Bets, a cooperative marketing group that allows destinations throughout the state to partner together to test outside-the-box approaches to marketing and stretch their dollars to reach larger audiences. We established Wisconsin Travel Best Bets shortly after P+B launched, and in the years since, it’s proven to be a valuable tool for us and our clients alike.

Addy Award Winner

Brand Development


A one-stop shop for travel info

We have always considered Wisconsin Travel Best Bets as a go-to destination for state travel information, and it has been a good way for us get the word out about our clients. Wisconsin Travel Best Bets allows us to pool resources to try new things that we can then implement for our clients (we have done photo and video contests, big giveaways, regional mailers, Instagram ad campaigns, and more). Recently, we wanted to make Wisconsin Travel Best Bets even more helpful to our clients, website visitors, and e-newsletter subscribers, so we launched an extensive rebrand that touched on all aspects of the organization.

Wisconsin Best Bets infographic
We developed Wisconsin Travel Best Bets more than 15 years ago as a way for our destination clients to cooperatively attract new travelers and media attention while pooling their resources. The marketing vehicles have evolved over the years but allowed us to stay in front of travel and marketing trends. It's another example of how P+B effectively uses partnerships in destination marketing.

Susanne Thiede-Barnet


Digital Marketing

Web Design + Development

Reorganizing our website

Our Wisconsin Travel Best Bets website hadn’t seen significant changes in a few years, so we decided to do a full redesign to make the site more visually impressive and much easier to use for visitors. This included coming up with an eye-catching new look for Wisconsin Travel Best Bets as a whole, updating hundreds of articles (and writing new ones), and using some of the stunning photography we’ve shot for clients over the years.

Wisconsin Travel Best Bets website being displayed on a desktop computer and a mobile device
Web Design + Development

Using themes to highlight destinations

We restructured the site and made it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for—we categorized articles into distinct themes like Outdoor Recreation, Food & Drink, and Attractions. Each of these categories had more specific subcategories (for instance, Beaches & Boating, Wisconsin Favorites, and Art & Museums), allowing us to incorporate many different client destinations into a single article, thus expanding our clients’ reach.

Wisconsin Travel Best Bets Archive pages
Web Design + Development

Client-specific content

We also realized we had an untapped resource of in-depth content about our clients: the articles we had written over the years for our client websites and e-newsletters. Our talented website designers developed a clever way to share articles across multiple sites on our servers, and we combed through hundreds of articles find the best ones to share on the new Wisconsin Travel Best Bets site, which gave our client sites more exposure as well.

Display of an article page on a computer screen
increase in the first year

Trip ideas, events & more

In conjunction with the new website, we restructured our bimonthly e-newsletters for Wisconsin Travel Best Bets. The newsletters feature a lead story, which incorporates multiple partner destinations, and highlight upcoming events and attractions across the state—not just in our client destinations. Another key feature of the newsletters, Trip Ideas, comes from the same section of the redesigned website, which features itinerary-based articles.

Wisconsin Travel Best Bets enewsletter being displayed on an iPad
Wisconsin Travel Best Bets gives us a chance to play around with fun projects and designs that might be a little outside a single client’s brand or budget. It’s also a great way to bring awareness and exposure to our client destinations by helping them reach a larger audience.

Jessi Johnson

Lead Graphic Designer + Developer

Content Creation


Helpful content for visitors

There was a lot of copy to work with on the website, as we had more than a decade’s worth of posts to choose from. We cataloged and updated articles covering the themes we thought were the most important and added dozens of articles that had originally appeared on our partner destination sites. The new content we created was meant to catch the attention of visitors, with headlines like “Where to find some of the state’s best pizza” and “Our travel experts pick the Northwoods’ best adventures.”

Article being displayed in a browser